Baby Shower Party

Looking for a place to have a baby shower party? Jupiter Gardens Event Center is a great baby shower venue. Jupiter Gardens Event Center  offers three different sized-rooms for baby shower party ranging in size from 20 to 300.

Let us help you celebrate your baby shower at Jupiter Gardens Event Center in our East Reception Room. This room, which can accommodate up to 70 guest is our most popular baby shower venue due to its size. The rental is $150 per hour daytime and $250/hour for night-time events. The minimum rental is 3 hours but you are allowed additional hours for setup/tear-down. You may decorate as you like or have us do it for you. Perfect room to get creative!

There are many great reasons to have a party, but the joy of having and welcoming a new child into the family is one of the most special. Your baby may not remember the party, but that does not mean that you can’t have fun with the other adults and kids in your life. Therefore, if you want a big baby shower, we can accommodate that too.


Outdoor Party

Think you want to have the party outdoors? Check out our couryard garden. We love the idea of a private backyard party at our manicured garden. Choose any color, theme based on the gender or  gender-neutral theme. All themes works in the beautiful garden setting.  Come and celebrate with us at Jupiter Gardens Event Center. 


  • Courtyard party

Birthday Party
Are you planning a birthday party and not really sure where to start? There are a lot of details to consider. It can be much easier to plan a birthday party at a venue that is set up for events rather than in an individual’s home. This is especially true if there will be more than fifteen to twenty guests. The East Room at Jupiter Gardens can host up to 70 guests  in comfort. You could decorate yourself or  leave the burden of decoration to the professional staff at Jupiter Gardens and focus on other details.

Enjoying the special moments in life with friends and family is part of what builds the tight bonds we keep throughout our lives. Celebrating at Jupiter Gardens allows clients to host and attend these celebrations with as much or little help as desired. This maximizes the fun, reduces the stress and allows the focus to be on the celebration instead of the details.  Come and celebrate with us at Jupiter Gardens Event Center.  

Graduation Party 

Celebrating the achievement of graduating from high school or obtaining a college degree is an exciting occasion meant to mark the end of one stage of life before moving on to the next.  The graduation party should reflect the personal style of the graduate as well as the level and type of achievement attained. The colors, food and invitations will set the tone for the celebration and can be anything from bold and bright to elegant and refined.  If the graduate has graduated with honors it can be fun to include not only the schools colors but also some details in the colors of the honor cords the graduate has earned.

Bridal Shower Venue
While many people find planning a wedding to be stressful, the shower should be a simple and fun occasion to plan and host. There are some important things to consider in order to make the most of this memorable time. Pictures of the bride to be with all of her friends as they celebrate are a great gift to give the bride to help her look back on the moment later in life. Jupiter Gardens is an ideal venue for this type of celebration as hosts can choose to utilize the gardens for pictures with the bride to be.

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