Best Adult Party Venues in Dallas

Are you looking for adult party venues in Dallas?  Though there are many birthday party venues for adults in Dallas, many of the options are either too big, too small, or are not offered for your  exclusive use to entertain your family and friends. Jupiter Gardens Event Center offers multiple rooms for private adult parties ranging in sizes from 20 to 280. Choose from any of our four adult party venue options for an outdoor, small, medium or large party. Choose your party theme. And, bring the party on!


Party in the Cupid’s Garden

Our customers love having brunch party in the Cupid’s Garden. However, we have limited opportunities to have parties in the Cupid’s garden because we often have it booked for wedding ceremony. However, this is a great option if you want a bigger private backyard for your party, especially brunch. It’s simply lovely. This garden seats up to 60 persons.

  • Cupid Garden
  • Courtyard party
  • Cupid Garden

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Cupid’s Garden Brunch Party



Party in the Artemis  room

This room seats up to 70 persons. The room comes with neutral color and maple brown wood floor to match any color scheme. This is perfect for a very intimate setting.  Check pricing information at this link

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Artemis Room Dinner Party

Artemis Room Formal Event (Wedding)



Party in the Aphrodite  room 

This room seats up to 100 persons. The room comes with neutral decor and make perfect sense for a slightly bigger party group. This is a great affordable option for milestone birthday as well as retirement, corporate or reunion party.  Check pricing information at this link

  • Aphrodite Room
  • Aphrodite Room


Video Information
Aphrodite Party Room Setting
Aphrodite Ballroom Wedding Reception
Aphrodite Party All Events 

Aphrodite Room Wedding Party

Aphrodite Room Adult Party

Aphrodite Room Adult Party (KW)

Party in the Athena  ballroom

This is our grand ballroom  for a romantic, elegant, and fun party. The swanky balllroom comes with sumptuous fabric wall hangings, granite mirrored bar, and an expansive dance floor that will keep guests movin’ and dancing all night long! This room seats up to 280 guests. Let us help you put on an all-out bash in the Athena ballroom. You gonna love it.


Video Information:
Party in the Athena Ballroom

Athena Party (KW)


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