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A Need To Have Bridal Suite

A need to have Bridal Suite

Every gal knows that a great bridal suite is an important factor when choosing a wedding venue. You want to capture those breathtaking moments of you getting ready that you see all over Pinterest. You know what I’m talking about, your hanging wedding dress which you might have bought from somewhere, the first time your bridesmaids see you in your dress, and let’s not forget the many adorable and funny poses you’ll want to take. So let’s be honest, you can’t do any of that if your bridal suite is the size of a closet! This brings me to four points when searching for a need to have Bridal Suite.

1. Space. If you have five or more bridesmaids, you need a suite girl! Jupiter Gardens Event Center, Dallas TX, has three rooms located in the onsite bridal suite! One for your bridesmaids and a separate room just for you! With makeup chairs and plenty of seating, you and your girls will be comfortable and relaxed! Oh, and yes, I did say 3 rooms, because in addition to the two private rooms and a spacious closet, Jupiter Gardens has a waiting room inside the bridal suite! The waiting room is a great spot for your mom, grandma and maybe even some devoted aunts that just want to be with you every step of the way!

2. Location. Most people love the advantages of a one stop wedding ceremony and reception venue. Why dress somewhere else? Hotels make great use when they have suites. But, why spend money on a hotel when you can get ready onsite at Jupiter Gardens, already included in your package! Located on the second floor you have an amazing view of our Outdoor Garden from above! Not only will you get to sneak a peek as your guest start to arrive but you will also have amazing natural light that will make you glow in photography! With restrooms located right outside of the suite you have the whole second floor to yourself. And don’t worry about the groom strollin’ by; he has his own private sanctuary…located on the first floor, of course.

3. Timing. Timing is everything! Getting ready onsite will help you avoid traffic as well as rushing to the venue to make sure you’re on the dot! You can relax in the bridal suite two hours before your wedding ceremony even starts! Plus, we know the importance of makeup touch ups and dress changes. Feel free to keep your personal items in the bridal suite with access throughout the entirety of your wedding. Yes, girls, pack your dancin’ shoes! You’ll need them!

4. Décor, lighting and Photography. We embrace the natural lighting and colors in our bridal suite! Lots of gorgeous, natural light streaming into the bridal suite makes everyone happy. Your hair and makeup artists will thank you, and you too will enjoy the hours spent in this room soaking in the Vitamin D. Sun makes us happy and relaxed, and on this day you want to be happy and relaxed! With neutral soft colors and large windows, your photographer will also thank you. You will surely stand out in any photos taken! Feel free to bring in light snacks and champagne to start your big day off with a toast! Who doesn’t want to start their wedding day off in style by capturing some of the early shots of you getting ready in the bridal suite with some of your loved ones? Photographers can help to take these photos that you may want to treasure for the rest of your life. It will give you the opportunity to see every aspect of your day so that you don’t have the chance to forget it, even the moments that happen in your suite.

Jupiter Gardens Event Center has a wedding venue with a need to have Bridal Suite! Check it out when you tour our wedding facility, with many other amazing features. Contact us today! 214.503.9661 www.jupitergardenseventcenter.com cecelia@jupitergardenseventcenter.com

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