Athena Reception Venue

The Athena Room

( For up to 280  Guests)
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Are you looking for an affordable upscale wedding reception venue? Let me recommend the Athena ballroom. This is a Grand Ballroom capable of sitting 280 guests. It is a modern, luxurious space for a romantic, elegant, wedding recption and fun party. The swanky ballroom comes with sumptuous fabric wall hangings, granite mirrored bar, and an expansive dance floor that will keep guests dancing all night long! This room also comes with great ambiance lighting or natural light by drawing the blinds. Get great exit photos and more. This room has it all! Click here to Request-a-Quote

See more photos of the Athena ballroom here. See photos of wedding ceremony in the Cupid’s Garden here.

The Cupid’s Garden is a beautiful, natural, park-looking, manicured setting. The garden includes two 50 years old live oak trees with a gazebo as your focal point. The tree shades covers 80% of the garden area and bring more comfort in the summer heat. You can decorate in any color as you may want to compliment our lush, green landscape to bring your memorable wedding photos to life.

We have designed our outdoor facility to minimize discomfort due to changing weather conditions. After all, we are in Texas. The artificial tuff stays green and manicured all year. The grass is laid on impermeable soil for quick drainage. Consequently, you get your dream outdoor wedding, and all the beautiful images with “No mud”, “No Puddles” and “No fuss”