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Romantic… We love outdoor wedding ceremonies like many brides and guests. There’s something very romantic about exchanging vows under two 50 years old live oak trees with a gazebo as your focal point. It’s a beautiful, natural, park-looking, manicured setting. You can decorate in any color as you may want to compliment our lush, green landscape to bring your memorable wedding photos to life. Jupiter Gardens Event Center offers an intimate, romantic courtyard garden for the most beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Dallas.

  • Cupid Garden
  • Dallas wedding venue

Who’s afraid of the summer heat in Texas?

Located under two 50 yr old Live Oak trees, the space is 80% shaded with no compromise of natural ambiance lighting. You and your guests will have comfortable shade at all times in a very intimate outdoor setting. Think it’s too hot in Texas for an outdoor wedding? Think again because we have the perfect setting for you! We have outdoor evaporative air coolers for you!

They say rain on your wedding day is a blessing!  Yes, but nobody wants to be drenched. We embrace the rain as a blessing at Jupiter Gardens Event Center, and we have designed out outdoor facility to minimize discomfort due to changing weather conditions. After all, we are in Texas.  The artificial tuff stays green and manicured all year. The grass is laid on impermeable soil for quick drainage. Consequently, our garden can be used as soon as it stops raining, and we have the resources to get this ceremony setup ready within one hour.  You get your dream outdoor wedding, and all the beautiful images with “No mud”, “No Puddles” and “No fuss”!  Our promise to you is to deliver  your dream outdoor ceremony unless it rains at the very hour of your wedding. Yes, we have a “Plan B” to move your ceremony into any of our indoor facilities.

Daylight or Moonlight? Whether you want a morning ceremony or an evening setting, this is the perfect garden wedding venue in Dallas for any bride with up to 150 guests. At night, we can light up the trees to create special lighting effects. Whatever you vision is, we can help you bring it to life here.


Indoor Wedding Ceremony

Most wedding ceremony at Jupiter Gardens are done in the Cupid’s Garden. However, if your preference is an indoor wedding ceremony, we can accommodate that as well in any of our ballrooms. Please do not hesitate to discuss the option available to you with our event staff.


Pop Wedding Package: Thinking about going to the boring courthouse? Think again! You can have an elegant Pop Wedding with close friends and family at Jupiter Gardens Event Center. Get all the essentials including wedding coordinator, wedding decor, photography, hor dorves and venue in one package with No Stress. All participants are required to arrive dressed.  No rehearsal is scheduled prior to your wedding date. Read more about our Pop Wedding here.  Click here to request a quote. 

Our wedding ceremony packages  includes all the essential required to do your wedding ceremony. We provide pricing on wedding packages by email only.   Click here if you are interested in receiving our Wedding Packages pricing by email. 


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