A need to have Bridal Suite

A need to have Bridal Suite Every gal knows that a great bridal suite is an important factor when choosing a wedding venue. You want to capture those breathtaking moments of you getting ready that you see all over Pinterest. You know what I’m talking about, your hanging wedding dress which you might have bought from somewhere similar to Frisco bridal store, the first time your bridesmaids see you in your dress, and let’s not forget the many adorable and funny poses you’ll want to take. So let’s be honest, you can’t do any of that if your bridal suite is the size of a closet! This brings me to four points when searching for a need to have Bridal Suite. 1. Space. If you have five or more bridesmaids, you need a suite girl! Jupiter Gardens Event Center, Dallas TX, has three rooms located in the onsite bridal suite! One for your bridesmaids and a separate room just for you! With makeup chairs and plenty of seating, you and your girls will be comfortable and relaxed! Oh, and yes, I did say 3 rooms, because in addition to the two private rooms and a spacious closet, Jupiter Gardens has a waiting room inside the bridal suite! The waiting room is a great spot for your mom, grandma and maybe even some devoted aunts that just want to be with you every step of the way! 2. Location. Most people love the advantages of a one stop wedding ceremony and reception venue. Why dress somewhere else? Hotels make great use when they have suites. But, why spend money on... read more

One Stop Location for Wedding Ceremony and Reception!

When you’re moving to either to an up n’ coming part of town or next to the best schools in Dallas, Texas everyone always says it; Location! Location! Location! Well it’s the same with weddings. Here’s why you should have your ceremony at the same place as your reception!   Travel People love that they don’t have to travel between venues. Once your guests have gathered for the ceremony, they walk 10 feet and boom there’s the buffet table. I’m not saying that people are obsessed with food, but come on’, it is a big part! Because there is not a need for travel time, your guest can immediately start mingling! This means no awkward transition for guest to be trickling in to the reception hall at different times. Have them enter the venue as a group; the room will immediately fell warm and pleasant.   Keep em’ From Leaving When you have your ceremony at one place, let’s say The Cathedral in Downtown Dallas, you risk the chance of people going home after instead of driving out to your reception! They might feel it was enough to attend your ceremony and not want to spend more time.  Or, they could go to another event. There goes your guest count and you end up having to take home all the extra food that could feed an army! What a waste!   Timing Timing is everything! Have you thought about pictures? Do you really want to have your guest wait an hour or two after your ceremony so that the wedding party can take pictures at two different locations? Wouldn’t it... read more

POP Wedding – A Practical Wedding Option

POP Weddings by Jupiter Gardens Event Center are, “quick, elegant and affordable way to tie the knot with style and grace.” Pop weddings are also called Pop Up weddings. Who are Pop Weddings for? Pop weddings are perfect for the couple whose family have frowned at the idea of eloping, or simply don’t want a big extravagant wedding. They are also perfect for the budget conscious couple who have other priorities such as a honeymoon,  buying a house and etc. What are the reasons to come to Jupiter Gardens Event Center for your Pop Wedding? One: Have a romantic wedding ceremony in our beautiful outdoor garden with gazebo! Get awesome photographs with family and friends in a traditional setting as opposed to the boring court house. Two: We all know that weddings are stressful, so we make it as stress-free as can be! We provide you with all the professional touches you need; such as the décor, food and the photographer! It makes for a perfect worry-free wedding! Three: Invite up to 30 guests to your wedding and enjoy delicious hor d’oeuvres and refreshments after the ceremony. So invite your closest family and friends to a trendy way to tie the knot.  We’ve got a package you can’t go wrong with! Jupiter Gardens Event Center provides nothing but the best. Find out why we come highly recommended and voted best WeddingWires’ Couples’ Choice Award. Get more information at www.jupitergardenseventcenter.com. Written by Cecelia Garcia who is Wedding/Event Specialist at Jupiter Gardens Event Center. You may contact her at Cecelia@jupitergardenseventcenter.com.... read more

Vision vs. Vibe

Vision vs. Vibe Hey all you future brides! As you’re planning your dream wedding, whether it is a glamorous Cinderella setting, or a casual BBQ theme; there is a general vibe and vision that you’re looking for. Let me start by explaining your vision and vibe is not the same thing; but in fact, you need both to pull off a great wedding! Vision is what you imagine when thinking about your wedding. It could include things like; dresses, ties, décor, food, and location. Vibe is something you feel. According to Google’s definition it’s, “a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.” We want our guest to get the vibe we envisioned! Make sense? If you’re starting to get it keep reading. If you’re lost keep reading! Although you might have picked out your bridesmaids dresses and shoes, have you picked out everything else that fits that theme? Maybe you’re stuck because the venue doesn’t match your shoes. For example, if you’re planning to have a casual, backyard theme maybe it’s a good idea to have casual dress shoes vs. those tall stilettos that get stuck in the grass. In this case, I know for me, I would have my girls wearing short dresses and cute cowboy boots. Can you say fun!! It is your personal vision that you want that specific vibe for your guest to experience. If you have the vision but not the vibe you leave your guest confused and wanting more. You can’t explain to your guest what you were going for… “Well, I was shooting... read more

How We Prepare for Unexpected Spring Weather

It’s that time of the year where the weather can change on us in a second! (We do live in Dallas, Texas after all.) So how to do we, here at Jupiter Gardens Event Center, plan for those day to day weather changes? First off, let me just say our garden is fully prepared to handle this small crisis you may possibly be feeling. Don’t believe me. Keep reading and see. Don’t be afraid to have your wedding ceremony outdoors during the spring just because of the weather change that time of the year! Did you know spring is one of the best times for outside wedding photography!? The flowers will be blooming and the smell of fresh air; and let’s not forget that perfect sunset at 7:56 p.m. We take pride in our beautiful garden as the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony in Dallas. If the sun is nice and high the day of your outdoor wedding, we have two beautiful oak trees that provide 80% shade to keep you and your guest nice and cool. We understand that people fear they have to worry about rain, wind, sun and bugs when planning an outside wedding. Fortunately, Jupiter Gardens has a manicured garden in which you don’t have to worry about any of that! The grass is made of artificial tuff so it drains almost immediately! And no mud! Best of all we can do setup and be ready in just one hour after it stops raining. Raining during your outside ceremony? We don’t have to cancel or postpone! We have beautiful alternative inside ceremony space options... read more
Prep for Your Quinceanera with These Tips

Prep for Your Quinceanera with These Tips

Quinceaneras are a major rite of passage among many families in the Dallas area. Your child has reached a major milestone and their life and now it is time to celebrate this with family and friends! But the planning of a Quinceanera can be very hectic. If this is your first time planning a Quinceanera, having all the rituals and event needs taken care of using a Dallas venue for Quinceaneras can make life much easier. Here are some tips to throw your daughter’s Quinceanera like the boss you are! Where Can I Have Sacred Mass? Look for a venue that is able to handle sacred mass and the party. It can be very stressful for families to hold sacred mass at one location and then move their entire group to a second location. Eliminate party down time by choosing a venue like Jupiter Gardens Event Center that has to the capacity to have one room set up for sacred mass and another room for your rocking party! Seating Capacity Sometimes your attendee list can be quite long for Quinceaneras. All of your family and friends want to attend for support the family member and, of course, enjoy the fun. Sit down with your immediate family and determine a total number of attendees and focus on venues that can seat your guest count.  If you are unsure of  the guest count, don’t worry. Simple, do your best estimate and add 10 percent for the uncertainty. Don’t worry, Jupiter Gardens Event Center can hold up to 300 persons.  That’s quite a Party! Food Availability A venue that can have catering brought... read more
Why Brides Choose An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Why Brides Choose An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

If you are reading this, you or someone close to you is likely recently engaged—Congrats! This is a special moment in every couple’s lives. Many couples do not realize until they begin to plan a wedding how much time and effort go into creating a dream wedding. And like many of us, our crazy hectic lives do not necessarily allow for us to have the time to plan an entire wedding on our own. This is why so many couples are now choosing all-inclusive wedding venues for their big day. Why are these type of venues so popular for weddings? Here are some of the benefits of choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue! Less DIY One of the biggest time consumers of a wedding is creating many pieces of decor on your own. As beautiful as many images are on Pinterest, the reality is that these are often time consuming. Brides and grooms find that venues that offer already fabricated items such as centerpieces, floral decor, and alters can significantly reduce their stress leading up to the big day. Find a venue that provides these type of items in a theme that you desire. Reduce Costs Many believe that DIYing wedding projects at home can save costs for the couple. This is often not the case. Buying the materials to make similar products and the labor used to create it can easily cost more than renting the decor for the wedding. As fun as DIY can be, DIY at a mass scale can be very daunting for couples with a million other wedding plans on their minds as well. Many... read more
11 Amazing Themes for Your Upcoming Banquet

11 Amazing Themes for Your Upcoming Banquet

Planning and executing a banquet that all we enjoy and love starts with two things: a location and a theme. Choosing these two critical components of an event wisely can affect the fun had by attendees and attendance of future banquets. Whether a business banquet, club, religious or anything in between, there are themes that can guarantee enjoyment for all in attendance. If you are searching for a banquet hall in Dallas, here are some of the themes we’d suggest for our banquet hall or any other!   Formal Events   Hollywood Night Bring out the glitz and glamour with a Hollywood themed banquet celebration! This theme works great for those looking to bring sophistication to their banquet and execute a more formal celebration. Request attendees dress the part by wearing suits and fun gowns; or bring back the old school and throw a Old Hollywood banquet! The banquet hall can be dressed to match a Roaring 20’s style that will bring out the fun and youth in all.   Solid Color Themes We’ve all heard of a black-tie event, but what about other colors? Ask attendees to paint the town red or wear a certain color for causes. For example, if your banquet would be supporting a health cause such as breast cancer awareness, have attendees show their support by rocking their pink. Decorating the banquet hall for this event is easy as you can focus on one to two colors to complete the look and feel!   Casual Events   Western Night Since we are in the heart of Texas, consider a Western themed event for your... read more
3 Things to Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Venue

3 Things to Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Venue

Newly engaged brides and grooms have a million questions, possibilities and emotions occurring all at once. Many have dreamed of their big day for years and have their wedding already envisioned inside their heads. Taking those dreams and turning them into an affordable reality takes planning, assistance, and an amazing venue. Dallas wedding venues are some of the most popular venues in Texas, and many brides choose to hold all or part of their wedding outdoors. With that being said, it may be worth it to click here if choosing a venue hasn’t been as easy as you may have thought. It may be worth doing a bit more research into a variety of venues, just so the decision-making process can be a lot less stressful. Outdoor weddings can be some of the most attractive locales, but also have many considerations that brides and grooms must consider to pull off the most magical day of their lives. Climate Texas has months of appealing temperatures and sunshine throughout the year, but does have peak times when weather may be unfavorable for certain weddings. Summer can bring higher than normal temperatures and winter can bring frigid lows. When planning your wedding, consider how comfortable your guests will be in an outdoor venue. If your wedding is on the cusp of variable weather, consider having either the ceremony or reception outdoors, while having the other indoors. This not only offers a reprieve from possible weather, but offers a backup plan if bad weather does arise. Talk with your Dallas wedding planner for expert venue knowledge and coordinate your wedding for the perfect... read more

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