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One Stop Location for Wedding Ceremony and Reception!

When you’re moving to either to an up n’ coming part of town or next to the best schools in Dallas, Texas everyone always says it; Location! Location! Location! Well it’s the same with weddings. Here’s why you should have your ceremony at the same place as your reception!



People love that they don’t have to travel between venues. Once your guests have gathered for the ceremony, they walk 10 feet and boom there’s the buffet table. I’m not saying that people are obsessed with food, but come on’, it is a big part! Because there is not a need for travel time, your guest can immediately start mingling! This means no awkward transition for guest to be trickling in to the reception hall at different times. Have them enter the venue as a group; the room will immediately fell warm and pleasant.


Keep em’ From Leaving

When you have your ceremony at one place, let’s say The Cathedral in Downtown Dallas, you risk the chance of people going home after instead of driving out to your reception! They might feel it was enough to attend your ceremony and not want to spend more time.  Or, they could go to another event. There goes your guest count and you end up having to take home all the extra food that could feed an army! What a waste!



Timing is everything! Have you thought about pictures? Do you really want to have your guest wait an hour or two after your ceremony so that the wedding party can take pictures at two different locations? Wouldn’t it be better to have your guest enjoy cocktails at the venue while you’re right outside! You don’t want to keep your guest waiting! 30 minutes before your grand entrance vs. 2 hours! Think about it. You don’t want your guest to get tired of waiting to eat and dance with you and possibly cut their evening short.



Rain and Damp Wedding Dress Distress! No couple wishes for rain on their wedding day, though
many say it’s good luck. Even when the wedding ceremony and reception are being held inside, this could be a major problem when the bride has to go from one venue to another  in her voluminous, princess-style gown.  Consider booking a  venue offering separate Bride and Grooms dressing rooms to avoid the unnecessary travel.


Save Money

When you have your ceremony and reception at the same location you save money! Most places will charge less to have a ceremony because you are already having your party there! Some ceremony locations will charge you just as much as the reception location! Does that seem fair? And if you thought while reading my earlier point Keep em’ From Leaving, you’ll just bus people over; Hello! That’s even more money!


Let people feel comfortable. Jupiter Gardens has the perfect outdoor gazebo for your ceremony with a beautiful indoor reception hall 10 feet away! You will have access to the Bridal Suite two hours before your ceremony and access to the VIP Room for the duration of your reception. No need to worry about where you can go for makeup and hair touch ups, we got you covered! Let it be easy for the guest to enjoy the night just as much as you. It’s important to have a nice flow to a wedding. Don’t chop it up with travel time. Don’t make it complicated! Just have your ceremony and reception at the same place! Trust me, it’s the best way!

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