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Vision vs. Vibe

Vision vs. Vibe

Hey all you future brides! As you’re planning your dream wedding, whether it is a glamorous Cinderella setting, or a casual BBQ theme; there is a general vibe and vision that you’re looking for. Let me start by explaining your vision and vibe is not the same thing; but in fact, you need both to pull off a great wedding! Vision is what you imagine when thinking about your wedding. It could include things like; dresses, ties, décor, food, and location. Vibe is something you feel. According to Google’s definition it’s, “a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.” We want our guest to get the vibe we envisioned! Make sense? If you’re starting to get it keep reading. If you’re lost keep reading!

Although you might have picked out your bridesmaids dresses and shoes, have you picked out everything else that fits that theme? Maybe you’re stuck because the venue doesn’t match your shoes. For example, if you’re planning to have a casual, backyard theme maybe it’s a good idea to have casual dress shoes vs. those tall stilettos that get stuck in the grass. In this case, I know for me, I would have my girls wearing short dresses and cute cowboy boots. Can you say fun!!

It is your personal vision that you want that specific vibe for your guest to experience. If you have the vision but not the vibe you leave your guest confused and wanting more. You can’t explain to your guest what you were going for… “Well, I was shooting for a dancing in the moonlight theme.” Your guest response might be, “but it’s daytime.” Or, “oh yeah, I didn’t get that because your colors are hot pink and yellow.” If you want to have a great wedding your vision needs to be as clear as possible to your guest.

Another thing to think about is the music. If you are a country girl and most of the play list is country music (that’s the vibe you want your guest to feel) then you should think about how your décor compliments that vision. For example, sunflowers, burlap and mason jars would create the summertime theme you’re shooting for.

We at Jupiter Gardens understand how important your vision is and your excitement to create the perfect vibe for your guest. We have tons of centerpieces and overlays to choose from to make that happen. Worried about budget? Don’t be! Because Jupiter Gardens has an exquisite ballroom that can be as casual as you prefer or we can glam it up through up-lighting, your backdrop and overlays. Did I mention it’s all included! So, think it through! Think details! Because every detail you imagine is going to fit together to create that perfect guest experience! Vision vs. Vibe!


Cecelia Garcia

Event Specialist



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