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How We Prepare for Unexpected Spring Weather

Dallas outdoor wedding venue

It’s that time of the year where the weather can change on us in a second! (We do live in Dallas, Texas after all.) Many people like to invest in personal weather stations so they can prepare for little surprises the Spring brings with it! But I’m sure you’re dying to know how we, here at Jupiter Gardens Event Center, plan for those day to day weather changes? First off, let me just say our garden is fully prepared to handle this small crisis you may possibly be feeling. Don’t believe me. Keep reading and see.

Don’t be afraid to have your wedding ceremony outdoors during the spring just because of the weather change that time of the year! Did you know spring is one of the best times for outside wedding photography!? The flowers will be blooming and the smell of fresh air; and let’s not forget that perfect sunset at 7:56 p.m.

We take pride in our beautiful garden as the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony in Dallas. If the sun is nice and high the day of your outdoor wedding, we have two beautiful oak trees that provide 80% shade to keep you and your guest nice and cool.

We understand that people fear they have to worry about rain, wind, sun and bugs when planning an outside wedding. Fortunately, Jupiter Gardens has a manicured garden in which you don’t have to worry about any of that! The grass is made of artificial tuff so it drains almost immediately! And no mud! Best of all we can do setup and be ready in just one hour after it stops raining.

Raining during your outside ceremony? We don’t have to cancel or postpone! We have beautiful alternative inside ceremony space options for you! So don’t worry friends and family, Jupiter Gardens has got you covered! Literally!

Cecelia Garcia
Event Specialist

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