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Micro-Wedding – A Practical Wedding Option

POP/Micro Weddings by Jupiter Gardens Event Center are, “quick, elegant and affordable way to tie the knot with style and grace.” Pop weddings are also called Pop Up weddings. Who are Pop Weddings for? Pop weddings are perfect for the couple whose family have frowned at the idea of eloping, or simply don’t want a big extravagant wedding. They are also perfect for the budget conscious couple who have other priorities such as a honeymoon,  buying a house and etc. What are [...]


How We Prepare for Unexpected Spring Weather

It’s that time of the year where the weather can change on us in a second! (We do live in Dallas, Texas after all.) Many people like to invest in personal weather stations so they can prepare for little surprises the Spring brings with it! But I’m sure you’re dying to know how we, here at Jupiter Gardens Event Center, plan for those day to day weather changes? First off, let me just say our garden is fully prepared [...]