If you are reading this, you or someone close to you is likely recently engaged—Congrats! This is a special moment in every couple’s lives. Many couples do not realize until they begin to plan a wedding how much time and effort go into creating a dream wedding. And like many of us, our crazy hectic lives do not necessarily allow for us to have the time to plan an entire wedding on our own. This is why so many couples are now choosing all-inclusive wedding venues for their big day. Why are these type of venues so popular for weddings? Here are some of the benefits of choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue!

Less DIY

One of the biggest time consumers of a wedding is creating many pieces of decor on your own. As beautiful as many images are on Pinterest, the reality is that these are often time consuming. Brides and grooms find that venues that offer already fabricated items such as centerpieces, floral decor, and alters can significantly reduce their stress leading up to the big day. Find a venue that provides these type of items in a theme that you desire.

Reduce Costs

Many believe that DIYing wedding projects at home can save costs for the couple. This is often not the case. Buying the materials to make similar products and the labor used to create it can easily cost more than renting the decor for the wedding. As fun as DIY can be, DIY at a mass scale can be very daunting for couples with a million other wedding plans on their minds as well.

Many vendors offer their services to Venues at lower rate for the benefit of repeat businesses. The lower costs are often passed on to the couples by venues. Therefore, you are more likely to get a reduced cost for any vendor than booking these vendors yourself.

No Leftover Decor

It is not uncommon to hear from brides and grooms that have an enormous amount of leftover decor from their wedding and nowhere to put it (especially with all of their new wedding gifts!). Choosing a venue that provides many of these decor items makes cleanup and storage easy-because there is none! No yard sales, transporting to other potential brides, or storage units needed. You’ll have the lightest storage there is-beautiful memories!

Peace of Mind

It is your big day, and weddings can have enough headaches as it is. Have one less headache by choosing an event area that has many of these needed items on site. Also consider venues that have items such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, sound systems, and dance floors at the ready. This will take even more of the burden off of the couple and allow them to enjoy their big day without the added stress.
Jupiter Gardens Event Center is a full-service wedding event center and can provide all of wedding needs. We offer full wedding packages for brides and grooms and have planners at the ready to help assist you with finding the right vendors to make your big day everything it should be. Learn more today!

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