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Why Choose a Wedding Coordinator for Your Marriage?

Happy Engagement! There are a million things running through brides and grooms minds once they become engaged: when are we getting married, where are we getting married, and how the heck am I going to pull this wedding off?! Weddings are exciting events, but also include many different events and occurrences within the event itself. Having someone to manage your wedding can make your event much more enjoyable. Enter the wedding coordinator. But why are they so helpful? Find [...]


Prep for Your Quinceanera with These Tips

Quinceaneras are a major rite of passage among many families in the Dallas area. Your child has reached a major milestone and their life and now it is time to celebrate this with family and friends! But the planning of a Quinceanera can be very hectic. If this is your first time planning a Quinceanera, having all the event needs taken care of using a venue for Quinceaneras can make life much easier. Here are some tips to throw your [...]

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Why Brides Choose An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

If you are reading this, you or someone close to you is likely recently engaged—Congrats! This is a special moment in every couple’s lives. Many couples do not realize until they begin to plan a wedding how much time and effort go into creating a dream wedding. And like many of us, our crazy hectic lives do not necessarily allow for us to have the time to plan an entire wedding on our own. This is why so many [...]


11 Amazing Themes for Your Upcoming Banquet

Planning and executing a banquet that all we enjoy and love starts with two things: a location and a theme. Choosing these two critical components of an event wisely can affect the fun had by attendees and attendance of future banquets. Whether a business banquet, club, religious or anything in between, there are themes that can guarantee enjoyment for all in attendance. If you are searching for a banquet hall in Dallas, here are some of the themes we’d [...]


3 Things to Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Venue

Newly engaged brides and grooms have a million questions, possibilities and emotions occurring all at once. Many have dreamed of their big day for years and have their wedding already envisioned inside their heads. Taking those dreams and turning them into an affordable reality takes planning, assistance, and an amazing venue.  Outdoor weddings can be some of the most attractive locales, but also have many considerations that brides and grooms must consider to pull off the most magical day [...]